What did Gregor Mendel do to study different characteristics in his genetics experiments?

He cross-pollinated both plants and animals.

He studied only asexual plants.

He cross-pollinated plants.

He studied only tall and short pea plants.

An organism that has two identical alleles for a trait is _____.





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  1. 1.d

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  2. 1. Wrong, if you are trying to get as many possible combinations between plants, which one of those answers would give you as many possible combinations?

    2. Correct.

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  3. 1.b

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  4. Incorrect. Go back to what Writeacher said earlier and use her sources.

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  5. it would be c you can't cross-pollinat plants and animals if you are trying to get as many possible combinations between plants.

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  6. Right.

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  7. thank you

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