The Department of Veterans Affairs creates a grant program for returning members of the service without prior authorization from the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of government. Is this legal? Why or why not?

Yes, because the department is already part of the legislative branch of government.

Yes, because the federal bureaucracy can use its authority to implement political changes.

No, because the federal bureaucracy relies on support from the three branches for its authority.

No, because only the executive branch can authorize the creation of new policy under existing laws.

I know I have posted this question before, but I have tried my best reading and trying to find it out but I am genuinely lost. I honestly cannot figure out if it is legal or not. I don't think it could be D regardless, but because I don't know if it's legal, I can't decide between A, B or C (and if it is legal, I'd be voting for B). Because as far as I know, the VA is part of the legislative branch (but I do not know if this makes it legal),/ the federal bureaucracy is powerful and actually can use its own authority to make this kind of a change it their own without having to consult the other branches,/ or actually because of the system of checks and balances, they were supposed to consult the other branches first (I know B and C are drastically different options but I'm really confused at this point).

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    Make sure you know what "cabinet level" means.

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  2. Oop, well its not A.
    I think it is b.

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  3. Yeah b was right:)

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