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Hello there.. If I study maths literacy+Geography+life science+History at school which careers do I relate with because I wish to help people medically or either way

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  1. Good -- those classes will be useful in the medical field. Be sure to study the prerequisites for the college you want to attend.

  2. What career should I be doing if am doing Geography, pure Maths,Agricultural sciences?

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  3. I'm doing this following subjects
    Maths lit
    Life science
    Tourism &
    So what kind of a career can I do,please I need your help

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  4. I need to know what carees relate to maths lit,life science,history,geography

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  5. Hey indeed serious help I don't know what careers I can take with math literacy, life science, geography, business and life orientation

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    posted by Faith
  6. I need to know which careers are related to when I am doing this subjects life science,geography, mathematical literacy and Afrikaans

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