is "try it, you'll like it" a simple, run on, or compound sentence ( i think its a simple im not sure)

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asked by Pencer
  1. It has two subjects and two verbs.

    (you) try
    you'll like

  2. so it would be a simple sentence right with a compound subject and predicate

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    posted by Pencer
  3. No.

    A compound subject would be -- Joe and Bob are playing football.

    Your sentence is a compound sentence.

  4. ok

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    posted by Pencer
  5. would it still be a simple sentence though?

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    posted by Pencer
  6. It's a comma splice (run-on)!! Punctuate it correctly and it'll be obvious.

    Try it! You'll like it!

  7. i thought it was but the worksheet only gave simple, run on, and compound

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    posted by Pencer
  8. The only real difference between comma splice and run-on is that one has a comma and the other has no punctuation between the two simple sentences at all.

  9. ok thx

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    posted by Pencer
  10. YW

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