social studies

1. Why was there so much migration after World War II in Europe? Select all that apply.

New laws after the Allies won the war restricted Germans.

Widespread damage after the war made people look for new housing.

Shifting national boundaries made some move.

People who didn't agree with their governments' actions during the war moved away.

The end of the Soviet Union allowed people to emigrate.

2. Which of the following statements accurately describe Germany today?

The European Union makes most economic decisions.
B. Its economy relies on the extraction of natural resources.
C. It has invested heavily in human capital and has a high literacy rate.
D. It has a mixed economy and the strongest history of entrepreneurship in Europe.

plz help these are the only questions i need help with on this and I can't find the answers in the text anywhere

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    The EU does not make most decisions. Where does Germany get its natural resources?
    What does it mean to "invest heavily in human capital?" What proof is it that Germany has a strong history of entrepreneurship?

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    Ms. Sue
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