Jehovah Witnesses

Can you plz help me?

Who are Jehovah witnesses?
What are their meetings like?
What does it mean to get baptized?

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asked by 0~0
  1. On Saturday or Sunday we have a meeting 10:30-12:15, we have a brother give a talk from 10:30-11:10, after that we have a watchtower study. On Tuesday we have at meeting from 7:30-9:15, first we have Treasures from Gods words, A brother talks about that topic it gives for 10 min. Then we have digging for spiritual gems for 8 mins, the brother asks somebody to read the scripture and then he asks somebody else to answer the question. Then we have apply yourself to the field ministry and either brothers or sisters will have a part. then after that we have Living as Christians (15 min.), We will play a video and answer the questions. Then last we have a congregation book study and that 30 min. and then the meeting is over.

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  2. Jehovah witness are people who believe That Gods name is Jehovah and the Jesus is his son. At Psalm 83:18 it says "May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth."

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  3. when you get baptized it means that you are dedicating your life to him. It means that you are a Jehovah witness and you will preach the good news about his kingdom.

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  5. The last is about all baptisms, not just Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Why is the first one wrong?

  6. Note: Chicken Nuggets and 0-0 are the same person. That's one way to prosyletize. But after this, please stick with homework assignments.

  7. I'm not a mind reader -- so I didn't know what 0-0 was thinking.
    You did not tell me what was wrong in the first link. And I will not just take one person's answer.


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