Social Studies

Which of the following drew tribes to migrate to europe around 300

its waterways and fertile soil
its centralized government
its vast trade networks
its major cities

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  1. Only one of those choices existed in 300 A.D.

    Which one?

  2. Don't mind "Ms. Sue" she isn't a real teacher. if your needing help on this question please feel free to put #EvangelineLotusHelp after your question and I will get back to you ASAP.

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  3. The answer is A by the way. I almost forgot to tell you that C: your welcome!

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  4. 1A
    3 Charlemagne
    5 do yourself
    7 do yourself
    10 E and D
    11 do yourself
    14 C D and E
    15 C
    16 A

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    posted by Booobby
  5. Hes right.

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    posted by Kâo
  6. are you sure?

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  7. NVM he was right

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  8. poor miss sue

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    posted by :b
  9. Booobby wuz right
    5. Live a life of study & prayer, teach latin, work in libraries on manuscripts
    7. Magyars: conquered modern day Hungary & raided Germany
    Muslims: conquered Sicily & came from Spain, North Africa, southwest Asia
    11. Food became plentiful, crops were traded among regions, & demand increased

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    posted by Trae
  10. Thank you Trae and Booobby, you really helped!

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  11. bobbbby and trae are correct :) thank you both!

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    posted by egg

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