How did settlers travel the correct route to the Pacific Northwest?

A) They used the best guess they could make.
B) They followed the signs along the trail.
C) They watched for landmarks along the way.
D) They followed the Columbia River.

I think its D (They followed the Columbia River)

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  1. I agree.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. What made the end of the Oregon Trail more difficult than other parts of the trail?

    A) there were more cliffs and a raging river to cross
    B) the native americans were not friendly there
    C) there were no places to get supplies at the end
    D) the guides would not travel that far

    I think its A ?

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  3. Yes, A.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Why was logging the first industry in Seattle?

    A) there were not enough people to start a fishing industry.
    B) there was potential for good shipping near forests.
    C) miners were ready for change of occupations.
    D) there were many railroads near lumber mills.

    I think its C ?? if not please help im confused

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  5. If your reading assignment says it's because miners were ready for a change, then it must be right.

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    Ms. Sue
  6. Its C the watched for landmarks :)

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  7. its D

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