I need a little help with the metrics system. can anyone help me? like explain how to find the volume or whatever?

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  1. I saw a brain pop video and kinda explained it but not really

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  2. The "Ask a New Question" form clearly asks for only a first name. Can you please only use your first name or nickname when posting on Do not use your full name. Thanks.

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  3. A trapezoid that has these measurements 4 in,5 in,8 in, and 11 in. How do I find the area?

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  4. okay I will sorry

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    posted by Kaitlyn
  5. I don't know the answer and I'm not doing this question for fun ethier

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    posted by Kaitlyn
  6. Area = [(a + b)/2 ] * h

    Do you still want information about the metric system?

  7. yes I do and thanks Ms.Sue! you are really smart!

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    posted by Kaitlyn
  8. Thank you -- and you are welcome.


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