A set of nine data points is shown below. Which statement is true if a tenth data point of 45 is added to the data set?
8 11 12 10 9 7 5 3 9

A. The mean and median will both increase.
B. The mean will increase and the median will decrease.**
C. The mean will increase and the median will remain the same.
D. The mean and the median will both decrease.

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  1. the median cannot decrease if a new high value is added.
    It will be the average of the two new middle values, which cannot be less than the current middle value.

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  2. C. The mean will increase and the median will remain the same.

    before 45 is added: mean is 8.22 median is 9
    after 45 is added: mean is11.9 median is 9

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