World geography

Hi! I go to connexus academy and I'm trying to study world geography but when I went to the notes the teacher gave the class they completley suck. I know I'm supposed to have written notes it's hard knowing what exactly they want me to know and I really don't want to go completely back just to go through it all again, I was wondering if anyone had any tips? Thank you

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  1. Use Google well.
    Scroll down to How to Google, and read through the different directions that will help you conduct effective searches.

    If you have OneNote on your computer, open it and take notes in it while you're reading different websites. This is one of the most efficient ways to take notes I've ever found! (OneNote comes with Microsoft Office, which also includes Word, Excel, etc.)

    Search, take good notes, study from those notes -- over and over!

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    Asking for or giving personal information will be removed. Personal information is that which has anything to do with a student's age, grade, residence, etc. Please refrain.

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