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How do traditional stories connect Washington’s Native Americans to the land?
A. They offer evidence that the Native American tribes of Washington originated in the stars.
B. They provide genetic evidence that the Native American tribes originated in Washington.*
C. They provide stories about how the creation of native people took place in Washington.

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  1. D. They tell how the native people of Washington traveled from Asia via a land bridge.

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  2. You should be able to scratch A and B right away. Read the question and those two choices again. What's in the question that is NOT in either of those choices?

    Now, read/re-read your text with C and D in mind -- and decide which is correct.

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  3. Okay.

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  4. C is correct.

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  5. the awnsers are
    1, B
    2, D
    3, D
    4, C
    5, D
    6, C
    7, B
    8, B
    9, A, C
    10, A
    no need to trust but I know. -Kythesaver

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  6. I know because I took the test.

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  7. a b c b a a a b,c a a

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