Hi i need a lot of help with this question.

1. Relate a specific line(s) in Henry David Thoreau's civil disobedience essay to a current situation happening either in the US or internationaly(that involves the US); and based on your understanding of his philosophy, speculate on his opinion or viewpoint of this current event. Back up your prediction with specific examples fro his life or writing.

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  1. You could choose the line about the best government being one that governs least (or not at all). Think about the current money the government has given banks and the car companies.

    Or -- how about this one --
    "A common and natural result of an undue respect for the law is, that you may see a file of soldiers, colonel, captain, corporal, privates, powder-monkeys, and all, marching in admirable order over hill and dale to the wars, against their wills, ay, against their common sense and consciences, . . ."

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  2. for the second quote I would be using the Iraq war right but aren't most of the soldiers going to war going on their own free will.

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  3. This is a good section, too:
    "The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and ed before the people can act through it. Witness the present Mexican war,(2) the work of comparatively a few individuals using the standing government as their tool; for, in the outset, the people would not have consented to this measure."

    (Substitute almost anything currently happening for the words "Mexican War.")

    Thoreau's writing is loaded with various examples you can use. You should have no trouble deciding.

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  4. i am sorry but what does the quote really mean

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