I was worried the last response in:
would get lost so I just re-posted it here just in case:

Thank you so much for including both methods on 2C it was very intersting although I was a bit confused. Does that mean that the answer is just 242π/1215?

Also, I was wondering why number 4 is 8? If we used unsigned values wouldn't it be 7? The area of the first triangle is 6 and the smaller on is 1, have I made a mistake?

So for 5 am I supposed to ignore that the areas under the x-axis are negative? If I go off the triangle areas found in number 4 (area of 7) would It then be 7 + pi/2? (sorry If I'm botching a lot of this up)

I'm so sorry I was so confused on number 10, for some reason I thought I had to have a value to substitute the t in cos t, and the first time, the way it's written on my thing made it look like cost and I was very confused.

Also thank you so so much for all your help and your patience with me although I am probably really frustrating due to my lack of understanding, I promise you I appreciate this so much.

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asked by George

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