The drama club sold shirts and caps to raise money for the new stage equipment the club sold each shirt for $20. The club made a profit of $4 for each shirt sold. The drama club sold a total of $480 worth of shirts. How much profit did the club make from the shirt sales? Show or explain all your work.

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  1. well, they sold 480/20 = 24 shirts, so 24*4 = $96
    they make 4/20 = 1/5 of the sales as profit
    1/5 * 480 = $96

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  2. Thanks!

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  3. They sold $480 of tshirts, the ratio is 480;20, simplified to 24:1.
    One shirt is $20, but $4 is the amount taken from 20 for the equipment.
    Multiply $24 by the $4 taken for the equipment. (Equals $96)
    They make 4/20 (1/5) of the the sales as a profit for equipment.
    Multiply 1/5 by 480 and you will get $96 as the club's profits.
    I hope this helped ya chirren

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