A plane flies 505 kilometers with a bearing of 316° (clockwise from north) from Naples to Elgin. The plane then flies 770 kilometers from Elgin to Canton (see figure in the link below). Canton is due west of Naples. Find the bearing of the flight from Elgin to Canton. (Round to the nearest whole number.)

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  1. You fly a HEADING, not a Bearing
    You sight a bearing toward something from you.
    ( mathematicians drive me nuts)
    NE = 505
    EC = 770
    360 - 316 = 54 W of N so ENC = 90 - 54 = 36 deg
    sin ECN / 505 =sin 36/770
    sin ECN = .588 (505/770) = .385
    ECN = 22.7 deg
    that is your desired heading south of west from E to C
    270 - 23 = 247 deg

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  2. thanks damon, but which one is the final answer 22.7degrees or 22.7degrees

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  3. west - 22.7 = west - 23 to whole number = 270-23 = 247 deg clockwise from North

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  4. ok thanks

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  5. 22.7 would be just 22.7 degrees East of North :), off into the bleak ocean.

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  6. 360-316 = 44o W. of N.
    Cos44 = h/505.
    h = 363 km.

    Cos A = 363/770.
    A = 62o W. of S. = 242o CW from +y-axis = Bearing(Heading) from Elgin to Canton.

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