1. Choose the correct way to read this number.


A. thirty-two and five hundred seven hundredths
B. thirty-two and five hundred seven thousandths
C. thirty-two point five zero seven
D. three hundred twenty-five and seven hundredths

Answer: B

2. Choose the correct way to read this number.


A. six and three thousand seventy-eight thousandths
B. six point three zero seven eight
C. sixty-three and seventy-eight thousandths
D. six and three thousand seventy-eight ten-thousandths

Answer: D

3. Choose the correct way to read this number.


A. forty and six hundredths
B. forty and six tenths
C. forty point six
D. four hundred six

Answer: B

4. Choose the correct way to read this number.


A. seventy-five and nine tenths
B. seventy-five point zero nine
C. seventy-five and nine hundredths
D. seven and five hundred nine thousandths

Answer: C

5. Choose the correct way to read this number.


A. one hundred seventy and eighty-nine hundredths
B. seventeen and eighty-nine ten-thousandths
C. seventeen point zero eight nine
D. seventeen and eighty-nine thousandths

Answer: D

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  1. Great! All of your answers are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you Ms Sue. I greatly appreciate your help.

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  3. You are very welcome.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. How to word 1,987,432.74

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