algebra 1

A model of a house is shown. what is the perimeter, in units, of the model? you must show your work to earn credit.

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  1. If I must show my work, maybe you could at least describe the figure!!?!?!?!?

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    posted by oobleck
  2. the figure is a house so on top a triangle and on the bottom and rectangle connectioned on the top triangle it has a dash just labled as 5x-1 while on the bottom it has 21x+5 as the length labled and 17x+8 as the width labled

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  3. well, it's still kind of murky, but since the sides of the rectangle are parallel and equal, you probably need to do something like
    21x+5 + 17x+8 + 17x+8
    for the three sides of the house. No idea what the 5x-1 has to do with the triangle.

    If you need to come up with a number instead of just an expression with some x's in it, then you need to recognize that the parallel sides of the rectangle are equal, so you just set one expression equal to the other and solve for x, then evaluate the expressions.

    If I were doing a description, I'd do something like
    The house is a rectangle labeled ABCD, with AB on the bottom and CD on the top.

    Then the triangle is CDE, with E at the top of the roof.
    Then side AB = 21x+5, BC = ??, DE = ? or something.

    If you describe a figure, you need to be clear about what's what.

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    posted by oobleck

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