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I would like somebody just to check my answer for my question before I submit it. Thank you!!'

Question: What conclusion can you draw about the comparative advantage other countries have in farming over in Japan and Koreas?

My Answer: I think that in other countries, they have the advantage of more flatland to farm and grow crops to eat and it also brings money in to the economy for some countries also. In Japan, it is made up of of islands so therefore, I don't think that would have many areas to do much farming. In Japan, they mainly eat things like Vegetable Noodles, vegetable soups, and seafood like fish, etc (Mainly healthy things). In the Koreas, especially North Korea, their government is very strict and government controlled that their citizens are barely allowed to do anything. So, I think that the only way they would be able to do any farming is if their government made some type of announcement about it and figured the details on how the farming was going to get done since the people of the country can't really do anything because the country is so strict. Over in South Korea, it would be different. I think that both North and South Korea have a bit of flatland somewhere but not much because I think the geography for both is made up of mountains. Mainly my point is that other countries have the advantage of farming because those countries can have higher food production from the number of crops they produce. Have more income. Last, have products shipping in from different parts of the country.

That is what I wrote.

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  1. Please run this through There are errors in here you should not be committing anymore.

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  2. ok then....

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