Social studies

1. Drag and drop each statement into the box with the economy it best reflects.

command economy

market economy

Business owners make decisions about how to run their companies.

The government decides how much of an item should be produced.

Legal policies are put into place that control prices.

Prices are set by supply and demand.

2. Select the boxes in the table to show which type of government each modern country has.

communist autocracy

parliamentary democracy

presidential democracy

semi-presidential democracy


North Korea

South Korea


3. Plate tectonics pose a challenge for East Asia by

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asked by Banana
  1. Study your text and use Google.

    THEN try answering these yourself. Someone will be around to check YOUR answers. No guessing! That's very obvious!

  2. I’m tired of these so crammed retired teachers I know you might be a retired teacher do you have to be so rude

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  3. pls give us the answers:(

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