1. The muscular system is essential because it allows our bones to
*A*. Strengthen.****
*B*. Contract.
*C*. Lengthen.
*D*. Move.
2. Which muscle is attached to a bone by tendons?
*A*. Smooth muscle.
*B*. Cardiac muscle.
*C*. Skelital muscle.****
*D*. Involuntary muscle.
3. To help prevent injury, each time you participate in a vigorous activity you should be sure to include a
*A*. Proper warm-up.
*B*. Proper warm-up and cool-down.*****
*C*. Proper cool-down.
*D*. Proper warm-up and stretching.
4. After sustaining a muscular injury it is important to remember R-I-C-E which stands for...
*A*. Rest, ice, comfort, elevation.
*B*. Rest, injury, compression, elevation.
*C*. Rest, ice, compression, elevation.
*D*. Rest, injury, comfortably, elevation.*****

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  1. Okay, 1 is incorrect. Think about it. :) The answer would be "Move." Muscles don't strengthen us.
    2 is correct, skelital muscle.
    3 is correct, Proper warm-up and cool-down.
    4 is incorrect. The correct answer is C, rest, ice, compression, elevation.

    I hope this is the right test...Have a good day! <3

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  2. cashmere is correct 100%

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  3. 1.D
    I got 4/4

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  4. kayden is right

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