Does this sentence use a predicate pronoun
He is my favorite coach.
My answer=yes

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  1. I think so!

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  2. Please be patient. We are real volunteers, not robots.

  3. Coach is not a pronoun.

  4. Meow -- do not respond unless you are sure of the answer.

  5. I think it's "Yes" because 'he' Is a pronoun. Even through, coach isn't. So, I believe it is. If not, please help me understand too.

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  6. He is the subject. It is NOT a predicate pronoun.

    Do not answer unless your you are absolutely sure.
    Also -- I taught English for many years. Please accept that I know more than you about English grammar!

  7. It was right meow kitty whatever her name is is good same with silverstream

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  8. If your "yes" answer was considered correct, you really need to talk to your teacher.

    As Ms. Sue said --
    He = pronoun, subject
    coach = noun, predicate noun

    There is no predicate pronoun in that sentence.

  9. It was correct and I guess I might ask

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