What do graphic organizers and learning games have in common?
A. They are both online.
B. They are both ways to simulate how to do a particular task.
C. They both try to present information in an innovative way.***
D. They both are used only for math and science.

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asked by Snek
  1. Why are you asking me these questions? My parents told me not to give out that kind of info.

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    posted by Snek
  2. Unfortunately, Snek ran into an imposter -- a fake Ms. Sue.

    And yes, Snek, you should not reply to questions like those he/she was asking. Heed what your parents told you.

  3. Haha wow the comments really got deleted huh? There wasn't even anything rude in any of them! HAHAHAHA

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    posted by Snek
  4. Thank you Writeacher

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    posted by Snek
  5. You're welcome!

    Imposters of our tutors are not tolerated.

  6. What is your answer?

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