Social Studies

What features are associated with the dynasties of the Tang (618–907) and Song (960–1279)?

economic problems and political violence

prosperity, stable government, and advances in farming (my answer)

development of government bureaucracy

overseas conquests and colonization

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  1. B

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    posted by Div
  2. Answers to Asia test

    1 B

    2 D

    3 B

    4 B

    5 D

    6 A

    7 C

    8 B

    9 A E

    10 B D

    11 B

    12 A C

    13 A C E

    14 B

    15 A

    16 A C

    17 Essay

    18 Essay

    19 Essay

    20 Essay

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  3. Thank you so much "girl from connexeus"

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  4. Are they right????????

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    posted by Yellow

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