Memorization tips

For Bible class I was supposed to memorize something from a catechism. I went on a spring break trip and forgot to bring along my book, so now I'm struggling to memorize the material before this afternoon. Any memorization tips or tricks? Thanks.

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  1. What you could do is repeat a line each time until you memorize that whole thing at the top of your head then go to the next line do he same and add them together. Do you get what i'm saying?

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  2. I mean, what I do to remember things is read it a bunch of time's and then say it out loud without reading it until I remember!

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  3. Thank you both for your suggestions! I'll give it a try.

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  4. Hope it help! :)

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  5. Thanks :)

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  6. I find flash cards very helpful, you can make these from index/note cards, that way you only study the ones you get stuck on.

  7. Yeah i think that is a good idea try each idea and see what best fits you! Good Luck!

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