Oh Biology!

Only checking my answers not asking for someone to give them to me.

Local farmers notice that pestice X is losing power against the beetles that were causing havoc on their crops. They are baffled by this phenomenon since the beetle population decreased significantly the first year they sprayed. Which of the following statements best explains why pesticide X is no longer effective against these beetles.

A) The pesticide caused the beetles to mutate and the mutation resulted in pesticide resistance.
B) Over time, the beetles learned to protect themselves from the spray.
C) The pesticide caused the beetles to breed more frequently causing the population to increase over time.
D) A few naturally resistant members survived the toxin and reproduced; resulting in a new generation of beetles that were poison resistant

I was a little preterbed on this question because most of them could be the answer but I feel as though the best response to this question would be "A"

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  1. I believe that you are correct.

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  2. Thank you Emma Helper!

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  3. You're welcome!

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