What role did the United States play in the Indochina War?
A.The United States provided supplies and military observers to France.
B.The United States sent financial aid to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam’s independence movement.
C.The United States chose to remain neutral, believing the conflict to be a decolonization effort.
D.The United States established a demilitarized zone along the 17th parallel.

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  1. I agree.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. C is not correct.
    While the CEFEO was better armed and equipped than the Viet Minh, it still suffered from severe shortages. France was economically devastated by World War II so the French government had to mobilise the CEFEO on a shoestring budget. During the first phase of the war, many CEFEO troops had no uniforms or standard-issue weapons; they had to rely on whatever they could scrounge or capture. The situation did not improve until 1953 when the United States began supplying the CEFEO with military aid.

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  3. The answer is A, if you read what Lee wrote. Also, just took the test, got it right

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  4. Most wrong teacher award goes tooo Ms. Sue ladies & gentlemen lol

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  5. The answer is A I just took the test.

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  6. A-The United States provided supplies and military observers to France.

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