Lucca keeps picking playing cards out of a standard deck of 52 cards, hoping he will draw an ace. There are four aces in the deck. After looking at each card, he places it back in the deck. What is the probability that Lucca will draw an ace in the first nine attempts?
a. 0.971
b. 0.925
c. 0.909
d. 0.884

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  1. Hmmm. Consider
    chance he gets an ace on the 1st draw: 1/13
    chance he gets it on the 2nd draw: 12/13 * 1/13

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  2. Is it 0.971?

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  3. The correct answer wasn't listed. There was a mistake so it gave me full credit for any answer I chose. I think the correct answer was 0.51.

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  4. I agree

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  5. Answer: 1. A) 0.14
    2. C) 46%
    3. D) 86%
    4. B) 0.513
    5. A) 0.003
    6. C) 0.069
    7. C) 0.25%
    8. D) 0.03
    9. C) 71%
    10. A) 10%

    Step-by-step explanation: 100% :)

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