An organization will give a prize to a local artist. The artist will be randomly chosen from among 7 painters, 4 sculptors, and 5 photographers. What is the probability that the artist chosen will be a painter or a photographer?
Write your answer as a fraction in simplest form.

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  1. (7+5)/(7+4+5) = ?

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  2. total number of artist=7+5+4=16
    probability of selecting a painter or. photographer=7/16+5/16=12/16=3/4

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  3. 12/16=3/4

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  4. Question 16
    An organization will give a prize to a local artist. The artist will be randomly chosen from among 3 painters, 7 sculptors, and 12 photographers. What is the probability that the artist chosen will be a painter or a sculptor? Write your number as a fraction in simplest form.

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  5. 11/50

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