my homework is to write a poem in which i make something in nature speak and describe its growing process. i can either write a poem or a prose. I can choose any tone i like.. i have chosen to write on a tree's growing process..
can someone explain to me what prose is and what would be easier for me to do, poetry or prose? thanks:)

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asked by y912f
  1. Prose is regular fiction or non-fiction writing style. Were it I responding to this assignment, I would write a poem or story in the first person, as if I were the tree. How would I feel, what would I see, hear from the first day I peeked out from under the ground until the day I died.
    How did the sun feel on my branches, how did the rain feel, what does it feel like to grow leaves, to lose them? Do I like birds, what kinds? Do I have fruit, flowers; what kinds; what happens to them? This sounds like fun!!!

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    posted by GuruBlue
  2. this is what i have. please correct me if somethign is wrong:
    I remember the days when I was just a little plant. Now I'm big but not as strong as before. I remember the days when the kids used to climb on me and make secret hideouts. Now I'm too tall and covered with moss. I remember the days when I was so full of green that people would take shade under me and even plan picnics. Now there isn't a single leaf on me from top to bottom. I'm growing weaker by the hour and they'll probably chop me off soon enough. There is no use of me now but I remember the days when I was just a little plant.

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    posted by y912f
  3. y91... You say you remember the days when you were just a little plant... what were they like? How did you feel? You need to "enlarge, decorate", make me see what you saw felt. This is a great start.
    Correction... I am no longer of use...but I remeber the days.....

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    posted by GuruBlue
  4. i know what you mean , but my poem has a limit of one paragraph..but i will try to add more details.
    thanks for correcting me

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    posted by y912f

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