US government

Which of the following is NOT considered illegal discrimination?
I think this is D. Can you please confirm?
A. Setting different ages at which men and women legally become adults.
B. Barring women from jobs by arbitrary height and weight requirements.b.
C. Paying coaches of girls’ sports differently than the coaches of boys’ sports
D. Requiring women to take mandatory pregnancy leaves.d.
E. Allowing women to remain military officers longer than men without being promoted.

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asked by Lynn
  1. What about B? What does your reading assignment say?

  2. Thanks Ms Sue. My textbook (American government_Institutions and policies) is not clear on this. I have read the section several times. :(
    I am going to read it one last time...Maybe I am missing something. Thanks for your help!

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    posted by Lynn
  3. While you're doing that, I'll check Google.

  4. Ok, I think it's B. The wording is just a little tricky. Thanks again!

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    posted by Lynn

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