Ramlah cycled from her house to the beach. She took 4 minutes to cycle 1/3 of the distance and took another 12 minutes to cycle the remaining 1584 m.

A: Find the distance between Ramlah's house and the beach
B: Find her average speed for the whole journey

I need a liiiilll bit of help , pls

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  1. well 2/3 of the distance is 1584 meters
    (2/3) d = 1584
    d = (3/2)1584 meters

    total time = 12+4 = 16 minutes
    16 minutes = 16 * 60 seconds
    v = d/(16*60) meters/ssecond

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    posted by Damon
  2. A. 2d/3 = 1584.
    d = 2376 m.

    B. V1 = (2376/3)/4min = 198 m/min. = Velocity for 1st 4 min.
    V2 = 1584/12 = 132meters/min. = Velocity for last 12 min.
    Vavg. = (198+132)/2 = 165 m/min = 2.75 m/s.

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    posted by Henry2,

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