Plz help me understand this. I need to know how to do it.

It took Khalid 90 minutes to complete 40 tasks. Which answer choice is an equivalent rate?

A). 10 task in 0.9 minutes
B). 10 task in 2.25 minutes
C). 10 task in 9 minutes
D). 10 task in 22.5 minutes

HELP!!! PLZ!!!

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  1. phrase it this way:

    40 tasks in 90 minutes ...... divide by 4
    40/4 tasks in 90/4 minutes
    10 tasks in 22.5 minutes

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  2. OMG...thank you SO MUCH. Im not very good at ratio's at all so thank you for explaining it to me.

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  3. Thank you so much i was stuck in this question so thank you for helping me

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  4. Thank you so much I was stuck on it for a while.

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