Can someone please explain this to me I don't really get it.
I don't wanna ask for the answer so that's why I'm asking for it to be explained so I can get it :The Question:

What is the amount of sales tax owed on a $6 book if the tax rate is 5%?
A. $0.03
B. $0.30
C. $3.00
D. $0.12(My answer) Because I believe 6/5% equals... 1.2 but idk.. am I right?)

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asked by Cate
  1. 0.3 or 0.30?

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    posted by Cate
  2. 0.3 = 0.30

    And yes, that's the right answer.

  3. Ty

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    posted by Hi
  4. I don't know HA HA HA AHAHAHAH... I thought you were a ghost when I didn't see it any more lol... And thank you Ms. Sue and HA HA HA AHAHAHAH... :) I'm trying to get extra work done so I don't fall behind :D

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    posted by Cate

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