Which activiy is an excellent stragety to help maintan strong teeth and healthy gums?
A) treating gum disease
B) treating tooth decay <<
C) wearing a mouth guard
D) eating a well rounded, proper diet
2. The proper way to take care of your skin would be -
A) Burst pimples before they get too big
B) use quality products to help you tan safely
C) moisturize you skin daily by applying Vaseline. <<
D) Check your body for dark colored spots the look irregular
Those were my answer! Please check thanks!

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  1. 1. There are three correct answers.
    2. I disagree with C.

  2. Okay, will number one be D and Number 2 be D. Those would be my second thought.

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  3. No.

  4. ..............Okay.....I can't guess again, becuase that will give away the answer, sadly. Thank you anyways!😭😢

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  5. Instead of guessing, read your assignment!!!!

  6. Okay, will do. Good night.

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