Lesson 13: Building Blocks Unit Test CE 2015
Exploring Music I Unit 2: Building Blocks
I really need help.

1.Which word do the following notes spell?


2.A sharp raises a note by

A.a whole step.
B.a half step.
C.two whole steps. steps.

3.What does a flat do to a note?

A.raises the note by one half step.
B.lowers the note by one half step
C.makes it a major chord.
D.makes it a minor chord.

4.Name the major key signature.
D sharp A sharp

A.D major
B.B major
C.G major
D.A major

5.Orchestration refers to
A. the use of dynamics
B. a soloist
C. a choir
D.what instruments are used

6.Changing from a major to a minor key signature in a composition can have what affect?

A. It can change the mood of the piece.
B. It indicates instrumentation changes.
C. It can change the full range of notes that can be played
D. it indicates to play the composition at a louder level.

7.What does a key signature indicate?

A. what instruments to play the piece on
B. what dynamic markings to use
C. what scale the composition is based on
D. what tempo to play the piece.

8.What is often the climax of a melody?

A. The first note of a melody
B. The last note of a melody
C. The highest note of a melody.
D. The longest note of a melody.

9.What motion is better for vocal music?

A. conjunct motion
B. disjunct motion
C. vertical motion
D. horizontal motion

10. What is the most memorable part of a musical composition?

A. the key signature
B. the melody
C. the accompaniment
D. the texturing

11. What does pitch refer to?

A. the volume a sound is played at
B. the shortness of a note
C. the note that gets the beat
D. the high or low tone of a note

12. The Gregorian chants are an example of

A. pentatonic scale
B. polyphony
C. monophony
D. homophony

13. What is the scale?

A. C minor
B. C major
C. Chromatic scale
D. Pentatonic scale

14. What scale uses the pattern W W H W W W H?

A. a major scale
B. a minor scale
C. a chromatic scale
D. a textured scale

15. What scale uses the pattern W H W W H W W?

A. major scale
B. minor scale
C. chromatic scale
D. textured scale

16. Solfege is
A. another name for a key signature
B. a system of syllables that aid in sightsinging
C. a key signature with a flat.
D. a system of climax points in a composition

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  1. If you post three or four of these questions with YOUR answers, someone here will check them for you.

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  2. The thing is that I don't know any of the answers and I don't want to just post my quiz and guess I actually wanna get a good grade on this.

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  3. Where does your teacher expect you to find these answers?

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  4. I really need all the help I can get.

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  5. Please answer my previous question.

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  6. Nowhere this is all a review to see what we have learned.

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  7. OK. Then you need to go back and learn this material!!!

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  8. I can't that would be cheating.

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  9. If you don't want to help me you don't have to.

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  10. SO can anyone help me?

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  11. I think that
    But I still really need a lot of help.

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  12. ANSWERS??

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