I need help with a quiz. I just want to clarify these are correct.

1. Which of the following traits is acquired
A. The number of petals that grow in a plant's flower
B. The wing shape of a wild bird
C. The ability of some gorillas to use sign language
D. A cheetah's ability to run faster than any other land animal

2.The height of a plant is dependent upon
A. its genes.
B. It's environment.
C. Both it's genes and it's environment.
D. Neither its genes nor its environment.

3.A gene is to a chromosome as
A. A peas is to a pod
B. A front is to a back
C. A bike is to a car
D. A building is to a window

4.What is heredity?
A. Heredity is acquired later in life
B. Heredity is the study of reproduction.
C. Heredity is the process of having offspring
D. Heredity is the passing of traits from parent to offspring

5.In pea plants, purple flowers are dominant over white flowers. Which Punnett square correctly shows the cross of a plant with a white flowers and a plant that is heterozygous for purple flowers?
A. ---- a a
A Aa Aa
a aa aa
B. ---- a a
A Aa Aa
A Aa Aa

C. ---- A a
a Aa aa
D. ---- A A
a Aa Aa

6.Long hair is a recessive in cats. Which of the following Punnett squares shows a cross that would result in the probability that 75% of the offspring will have short hair?
A. ---- G g
g Gg gg

B. ---- g g
g gg gg
g gg gg

C. ---- G g
g Gg gg
g Gg gg

D. ---- G G
g Gg Gg
g Gg Gg

7. How can an offspring inherit a recessive trait?
A. An offspring can inherit a recessive trait if one of its parents has the trait and the other is a homozygous for the dominant allele
B. An offspring can inherit a recessive trait if one of its parents is heterozygous for the recessive allele and the other is homosygous for the dominant allele
C. An offspring can inherit a recessive trait if both of its parents are homozygous for the dominant allele
D. An offspring can inherit a recessive trait if both of its parents are heterozyhous for the dominant allele

8. In the plant shown, the allele for the purple flower color is most likely
A. A dominant to the allele for white flower color
B. Recessive to the allele for white flower color
C. Codominant with the allele for white flower color
D. Incompletely dominant with the allele for white flower color

9. In humans the allele for straight hair show incomplete dominance the offspring of a curly-haired person and a straight haired person will have
A. Curly hair
B. Straight hair
C. Wavy hair
D. Curly hair and straight hair

10. In humans, the allele for curly hair and the allele for straight how show incomplete dominance. If two people with wavy hair have offspring, what percentage of their offspring would have expect to have wavy hair?
A. 100%
B. 75%
C. 50%
D. 25%

My Answers:

10. B

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  1. 1, 5, 6 and 7 are wrong.
    8. No flower shown. Cannot copy and paste here.
    I do not know about incomplete dominance.

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  2. so what are the answers to this and i need it quick

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