In an examination conducted for 60 candidates,the number of candidate who passed in Maths is 15 more than those who passed science and 7 failed both subject 12 candidates passed both subject
1.Draw a Venn diagram to illustrate this information
2.How many candidates passed Maths
3.How many candidates passed Science
4.Exactly one of the two subjects

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  1. I assume you can draw the Venn diagram. If not google is your friend.
    If s passed science, then s+15 passed math. So,
    s + (s+15) - 12 = 60-7
    now you can answer questions 2,3
    For #4, 60-7 passed something; 12 passed both, so 60-7-12 passed one or the other, but not both.

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  2. in an examination conducted for 60 candidates,the number who passed in mathematics are 15 more than those who passed in science and 7 failed in both subject. 12 candidates passed in both subject

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  3. I do not understand

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  4. Please take your time to explain

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  5. Please I don't get you!!

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  6. Please the solution for question above:

    Let s=Science
    Passed both subj=12
    Failed in both sub=7
    Now sum all together and equate to the U
    Passed Math =(15+13)=28//
    Passed Science=13
    Passed one subject=(s-12,i.e 13-12=1//)+ (15+s-12,i.e 28-12=14//),therefore,one subject=(1+14=15)//

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  7. The Venn diagram

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  8. I need the Venn diagram for my homework

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  9. i dont understand

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