Can you pleas check my answers?
1. Which of the following is a list of input devices? A. printer, mouse, speakers (answer)
B. RAM, monitor, printer
C. microphone, mouse, scanner
D. CPU, monitor operation system

2. Which type of software coordinates the hardware and software of s computer to work efficiently and productively?
A. operating system
B. word processor
C. hard drive (answer)

3. Speakers, printers, and monitors are all considered
A. input devices.
B. software.
C. operators. (answer)
D. output device.

4. The piece of hardware that contains the circuitry that processes the information coming in to the computer and tells the other hardware what to do is called the
A. hard drive
B. operating system (answer)
C. central processing unit
D. input device

5. When you save documents or download software to your computer, where are the files most likely stored?
A. on the head drive (answer)
B. on the software
C. on the operating system
D. on the central processing unit

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  1. 1. no
    2. no
    3. no
    4. no
    5. If you mean on the "hard drive," then yes.

  2. can u help?

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  3. Did you read your text? Did you understand it? For example, it should be clear that "input" refers to ways to put information INTO a computer, but speakers and printers are ways to get information (text, sound, photos, etc.) OUT of a computer.

    Look up terms and words on Google or here if your text isn't very good:
    "Look up" = use the search feature.

  4. ugh

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  5. What's the matter? Most of those questions are easily answered if you just look up the terms. If your text confuses you, just look up those words on either or

    Another example -- if you know the difference between "hardware" and "software" you'll have a better chance of answering #2 correctly. Hint: "hardware" refers to the things in or on your computer that you can actually touch, while "software" refers to the unseen and untouchable -- the programs that make things work.

  6. 1. C?
    2. A?
    3. A?
    4. D?
    5. A

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  7. 1. C? -- yes
    2. A? -- yes
    3. A? -- no
    4. D?-- no
    5. A -- =)

    Keep looking things up and think about what you find, but please don't post about these again since I've now checked two sets of answers.

  8. C
    100% CORRECT [ :

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  9. ^ TYSM

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  10. Hi is correct. I got 100% and be sure to make sure you put in the correct answers and not mix them up like I did one. XD

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