Which statement best explains the effect of the narration in Jane Eyre?

-The narration allows the reader to understand Jane Eyre's mental anguish by not only describing her thoughts and feelings but by describing the thoughts and feelings of those around her. <---

-The narration builds suspense because the reader only knows what Jane knows and has to wait until the truth is finally revealed by Mason.

-The narration allows the author to explain the events in the passage to the reader, even though the characters do not fully understand the events.

-The narration allows the reader to know Rochester's thoughts as well as Jane's thoughts, which reveals the torment he is in knowing he will be unable to marry Jane.

-The narration allows Bronte to describe action to the reader that takes place when the main character is not present in the scene, which gives the reader a fuller understanding of the plot.

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  1. Yes, the first one is correct. Here's why:

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