1. If both sides of a gable roof are the same size, and one side of the roof measures 15′ × 36′, how many squares of 16″ × 5/2″ wooden shingles will be needed to cover this roof? The shingles will be applied with a weather exposure of 5″. (Round your answer up to the nearest whole square.)

***A. 6
B. 9
C. 11
D. 10

2. Both sides of a gable roof are the same size, and one side of the roof measures 15′ × 36′. The carpenter will be applying 16″ × 5/2″ wooden shingles with a weather exposure of 5″. If the wooden shingles cost $95 per square, what will be the total cost of the shingles needed for this roof?

A. $950
B. $1,045
***C. $570
D. $855

Would you agree with my answers?

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