World History

Look at the table about the government of the Roman republic.

assemblies of citizens
Citizens elect officials and pass laws.

Which title would best fit the table?

Weaknesses of the Early Roman Government

Dictatorial Features of the Roman Government

Democratic Features of the Roman Government***

Powers of Consuls in the Roman Government*****
****= my answer( but in this case i can't decide if it's either C or D so help

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  1. What table?

  2. ugh, there's no table bc i copied and pasted it but just ignore that

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  3. hello anyone going to help? writeacher i need u

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  4. Without the table, I can't tell.

    You should be able to, though, if you've read the text for several pages before the chart shows up or its elements are referred to in your text.

  5. Thanks for the not existent help

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  6. ...

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  7. its D

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  8. I will like to help or join the group

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  9. The answer for question 3 on the Roman republican test is d trust me

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  10. d

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