Social Studies

How is Carnival an example of cultural exchange in South America?

It involves parades and costumed dancers.+++

It combines African dance and European religion.

It involves the Christian practice of fasting.

It attracts millions of participants to Brazil's cities.

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  1. That's true ... BUT that has nothing to do with "an example of cultural exchange."

  2. Only one of your choices answers the question about cultural exchange,

    A is not it.

  3. is it D

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  4. The answers are
    1. D
    2. B
    3. Mixed economies that generally follow market principles, but the government's also...
    4. C
    5. B
    6. Chile: exports more copper than any country in the world. Venezuela: one of the world's leading producers of oil
    Peru: fishing is an important industry
    Columbia: among the world's leading producer of coffee

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  5. I got 57 percent but I gave you guys the correct answers so thank me

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  6. Alexandria sheta you are in my 7th grade class in connexus. Anyways thank you!

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  7. who's teacher is your social studies? mine is mrs zisa i think

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