Ms. Sue is absolutely right! She wrote:

Please don't stress.
1. Take a deep breath. [This alone gets oxygen to your brain so you can think better. Remember to do this during tests, too.]
2. Sit down and get comfortable. [This helps you relax and your ability to read, comprehend, and think increases.]
3. Read your assigned text. [Go away from the computer if you can in order to read your text. Online texts have their uses, but for full reading of a chapter or other assignment, they're not very good ... well, unless you can get the text on an iPad or other tablet ... and get away from the computer for actual reading.]
4. Then post your answers here and someone will check them.

No bother! No stress!

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  1. Okay thank you! Before I post here then I will follow the rules!

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  2. =)

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