social studies

Why did military leaders overthrow the governments of Chile and Argentina in the 1970s?

The governments had jailed and murdered political opponents.

They feared their governments were moving toward communism.

They thought their governments were not doing enough to combat inequality.--------

They disapproved of their governments using oil revenue to fund social programs.

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  1. I disagree with C. What does your text say?

  2. ok i think its D, is that right?

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  3. If that's what your text says, it must be right.

    Please do not post this question again. You've posted two different answers. Now you're on your own.

  4. That is not help full ms. sue

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  5. it is a bit rude he just wants help but im just going to go with your answer Ms. Sue.

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  6. Is it B Ms. Sue

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  7. How did Brazil gain its independence?

    A.It was conquered by France and then liberated.
    B.It was freed after a slave uprising overthrew the plantation owners.
    C.It was taken away from Spain by the Treaty of Tordesillas.
    D.It was declared an independent empire by Portugal's royal family.

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