Social Studies

1. What was one characteristic of the Ming dynasty?
A.They developed an advanced irrigation system that improved the production of rice.
B.They forced foreign countries to pay tribute to them.
C.They established a social order that allowed foreigners to have government positions.
D.They established the Constitution of 17 Articles.

2.What were some characteristics of the Yamato culture? Select all that apply.
A.It was a very weak empire with little knowledge of trade.
B.It believed its people were descended from their kami, the Sun Goddess.
C.It allowed women to hold positions of power.
D.It developed technologies that improved life and increased trade.
E.Its leader Tokugawa brought peace to Japan.

3. What was one factor that led to the development of feudalism in Japan?
A.The Fujiwara were pushed out of power and the government weakened.
B.The Mongol invasion wiped out the Japanese military.
C.Too many Buddhism sects developed, creating a need for a centralized religion.
D.Hideyoshi's military took control and established a new social order.

3.What was one way that Japanese and European feudalism were similar?

A.In both systems, ideas were connected to the same religion.
B.In both systems, protection was exchanged for labor or services.
C.In both systems, the highest ranking member was the emperor.
D.In both systems, shoguns held the most power.

What was one characteristic of the Shinto religion?

A.It combined elements of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism.
B.Its teachings were based on respect for family and social order.
C.Followers believed enlightenment came through suffering.
D.Through kamis, people learned values and moral behavior.

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  1. Our task is to help you, not to answer the questions for you when you ask for nothing but answers and give no hint of why you are having trouble answering yourself. These are very basic questions and a quick Google search would yield results.

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  2. I agree, totally, Damon. Jiskha is also not a substitute for reading your text.

  3. craigslist | about | help | pt

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  4. okay Damon, like you said, your task is to help people. Maybe instead of giving that response you could've gave me some information to help? :) This is literally a homework helping site anyways.

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  5. As a homework HELPING site, we assume that the students have at least read their text.

  6. You surely didn't read it Mrs. Sue!!!!

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  7. lol u suck

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