American Government

2-Why doesn't the United States export crude oil to other nations?

The United States does not produce enough petroleum to meet the nation’s energy needs, so the export of crude oil has been banned.
Oil-rich nations refuse to enter into trade agreements that would allow them to import crude oil from the United States.
The tariffs imposed on the export of crude oil by the federal government are too high for most American petroleum companies.
The cost of crude oil imported from the United States to nations around the world is too high for most countries to pay

3-How is a mixed economy the same as a purely free market economy, and how is it different?
In both systems, individuals own businesses and resources, but the government has some involvement in a mixed economy.
In both systems, individuals own businesses and resources, but the government has no involvement in a mixed economy.
In both systems, the state mostly owns businesses and resources, but the government has complete control in a mixed economy.
In both systems, the state mostly owns businesses and resources, but the government has limited control in a mixed economy.

4-Where is a free market most likely to exist?
in a socialist country
in a communist state
in a democratic republic
in an absolute monarch

5-A government borrowing money to spend on programs designed to create jobs in order to widen the tax base is known as what?

demand-side economics
supply-side economics
communist economics
capitalist economics

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