1. Which of the following passages from The Cay best indicates that Phillip will manage to survive without Timothy?
A. But the two small bars of chocolate we had been saving for a "feast," were ruined.
B.I'd found one lone coconut in a mass of sea grape and broken sticks.
C. I must rebuild the hut and build another signal fire down on the east beach.***
D. How could I fish without poles? They must have washed away.
2. Which of the following passages best shows Timothy's sense of protectiveness toward Phillip?
A. I was alone on the reef but somehow I always felt he was sitting on the beach nearby.
B. Timothy was very impressed, and I felt good that I'd been able to tell him something.
C. In my world of darkness, I learned that holding a hand could be like medicine.
D.With his great back to the storm, taking its full punishment, he had made it possible for me to live.***
3. Which of the following best describes Phillip and Timothy's relationship?
A. Phillip wishes he never left his home.
B. They have learned to tolerate one another.***
C.They enjoy a close friendship.
D. They work apart to survive on the island.

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  1. My little brother is reading that book

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  2. Answers
    1. C
    This s for connections academy lesson 7: the cay chapters 14-16 language arts 6 A unit for the Cay

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  3. Thank u sup is correctt I just did it and I got 4/4 100% THANKKSSS

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  4. Thank you @Sup

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