You stand on top a building 44 m tall with a water balloon. You drop the water balloon from rest. How fast is the balloon moving when it is halfway down the building? (assume no friction)
A.20.78 m/s
B.39.81 m/s
C.19.68 m/s
D.26.92 m/s

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  1. 22 = (9.8/2)t^2
    t= sqrt(44/9.8)
    v = 9.8 t

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  2. im confused.... is it C?

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  3. well, is 9.8*sqrt(44/9.8) = 19.68?

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  4. V^2 = Vo^2 + 2g*d = 0 + 19.6*22 = 431.2.
    V =

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