Social Studies

(1)What events led to the Revolutionary War?
(2)What are some differences between the United States government and Canadian government?
(3) How did the environment influence the American Indian cultures of the northwest and southwest?

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  1. 1. Taxation without representation.
    2. Canada provides healthcare for everyone.
    3. People who live where it's cold wear more and heavier clothes than those in warmer areas.

    For more information, check your text.

  2. @Mrs.Sue, I tried but I have a learning disability and it’s hard to find the answer. I looked over 10 times.:(

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  3. Often we can find easier reading materials by putting kids after the search term. Check these out:

    Ask your teachers to find videos that cover these subjects.

  4. Thank you so much<3

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  5. You are very welcome.

  6. @mrs.sue i’ve been up for hours and i’m still struggling. My teacher won’t help me and now idk what to do

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